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  Hot Pot Express
  Call us 4 hrs in advance, before your next expected dining time. We will ensure you a well quality picked Hotpot ingredient set, coming thru at your doorstep.  


Set E <br> 6 Course Personal Pot <br> All Day Set <br> (Vegetarian)

Set E
6 Course Personal Pot
All Day Set

$ 28.80
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$ 28.80

Product Description

Set Menu includes:

Full table setup with Personal Pot and tableware.
Choice of one Hotpot broth selection: Herbal Vegetarian
Meat selection: Vegetarian Assortment
One Bento box of Veg, Mushroom
Rice or Noodles selection: Japanese rice or Ramen
Dessert of the Day
Beverages selection: 8 Treasures Flora Tea 500ml, Coke 500ml or Sprite 500ml