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> Frozen Tonic Soup Herbal Chicken 滋补药材鸡汤 1L
Frozen Tonic Soup <br> Herbal Chicken<br> 滋补药材鸡汤 <br>1L

Frozen Tonic Soup
Herbal Chicken

$ 18.80

Herbal Chicken Tonic Soup 滋补药材鸡汤 1L


Nourishment | Body Wellness | Confinement
     ✅ Aromatic & Umani-Rich
     ✅ High in Collagen
     ✅ Slow Cooked for 8 hrs

A classic go-to, this broth promises rich flavours of chicken, coupled with abundant health benefits from the curated quality herbs.

Improves Blood Circulation| Boost Energy | Tonify the lungs | Regulate Blood Pressure | Nourish Blood

Complemented Herbal Condiment: Dried Scallops, Dang Gui, Dang Shen, Gan Cao, Chuan Xiong, Yu Zhu, Red Dates & Goji Berries.

4 Simple Steps and ready in 60mins = Thaw, Rinse Herbal, Boil, and Enjoy

Tonic Soup Serve 2-3pax
Suitable as Hotpot Broth 1L, add 500ml of water

Keep Frozen & Best Consumed within 1 month upon receiving. No preservative added

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$ 18.80