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  Executive Lunch Set
  Hotpot Master provides you a good enjoyment of a sumptuous meal at the convenience of where you are. Book us to impress your colleagues and corporate guest. (Not available from 1 - 8 Feb 2019)  


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(Drop and go services without table setup and return collection.)
> CNY Prosperity HotPot set (10pax) (available from 1st Jan to 9th Feb, 2020)
CNY Prosperity HotPot set (10pax) <br>  (available from 1st Jan to 9th Feb, 2020)

CNY Prosperity HotPot set (10pax)
(available from 1st Jan to 9th Feb, 2020)

$ 388.00
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$ 388.00

Product Description

Noted:  Delivery with setup service on 24th Jan is chargable at $180 (w GST $192.60) <Fully Booked>
              Drop & go, one way delivery without setup on 24th Jan is changeable at $40 (w GST $42.80) <Limited Slot>

Broth (Soup Base):
Choice of up to 2 Soup Base

Superior Collagen
Yang Sheng Mala
Power Laksa (not available on 24 Jan)
Sweet & Spicy Chilli Crab  (not available on 24 Jan)
Herbal Chicken
Cordyceps Flower Mushroom
Herbal Vegetarian
All sets come with complimentary top-up soup


Gui Fei Abalone Slices
Whole Fish (Slices)
Snow Crab Sticks
Fish Maw


Signature Drunken Chicken
Marinated Chicken Slices
Shabu Pork Collar
Shabu Pork Belly

Handmade Signature items:

Tobiko Prawn Balls
Teochew Meat Balls
Chicken Mushroom Paste
Fish Maw Paste

Veg & Mushroom:

Bai Cai
Baby Spinach
Pearl Corn
Enoki Mushroom


Fried Beancurd Skin Roll
Shaved Noodles
Shabu Ee Mian 

Dessert: (Complimentary) 

Chilled Grass Jelly w Longan

Side Dish: (Complimentary) 

Fried Seafood Gyoza

Sauce Tray:

2 X Signature Lime Chilli Sauce
1 X Chilli Padi
1 X Superior Soya Sauce
1 X Minced Garlic
1 X Sesame Oil
2 X Sesame Sauce                     
2 X Coriander Leaf
1 X Roasted Peanut
1 X Vinegar 

Terms & Condition
CNY Prosperity HotPot Set (Available from 1st Jan to 9th Feb, 2020)
•CNY Prosperity HotPot Set includes: (Soup base, raw hotpot ingredients, dipping sauces and dessert)
•CNY Prosperity HotPot Set menus are fixed. Exchange of food items is not available.
•Add on items from Monthly Special Menu are welcome.
•Hotpot Master ensures freshness of our food; hence, all our items are packed in containers and thermal bags while in transit.

-Self-collection is available from No.1 Enterprise Road, Singapore 629813.
-Delivery charge for drop and go without table setup and collection $30 ($32.10 w/GST) Available
Extra surcharge on 24, 25, 26 of $10 per delivery ($42.80 w/GST) Limited Slot
-Delivery charge for Setup Service at $80 ($85.60 w/GST)
Extra surcharge on 18 & 19 Jan of  $40 ($128.40 w/GST) Fully Booked
Extra surcharge on 25, 26 & 27 Jan of  $80 ($171.20 w/GST) Fully Booked
Extra surcharge on 24 Jan of $120 ($192.60 w/GST) Fully Booked

Includes: Delivery, collection, setup display with a
tablecloth, ceramic tableware, hotpot equipment & side stand.

•1st Delivery start from 11.00am and last delivery is at 8pm.
•Pre-payment can only be made by Credit Card only and payment needs to be made within 24hrs upon receiving a confirmation call from our friendly staff.
•Prices stated are subjected to prevailing government taxes.
•Hotpot Master reserves the right to change/ replace the food ingredients without any prior notice.
•Ordering can be done through our website /or call us, at least 1 day in advance and subject to availability
Example: For Saturday delivery, please place your order before 12noon on Friday.