Our Story

Our Story


Delivering Hotpot Treasures

There are but a few small steps that you need to take to enjoy Hotpot Master. The several big steps belong to us, so you are able to enjoy the new world convenience of ordering old world comfort food. You have several options, from the type of set-up, soup base, to the add-on ingredients and sauces. We only have one option, and that is to choose the best and freshest from both land and sea, in order to create classic hot pot dishes.
Harnessing both water of the purest kind and fire to patiently simmer our savoury broths, Hotpot Master ties all these complexities together in harmonious coexistence. With all the ease and comfort in ordering from Hotpot Master, you might forget that there is a ceremonious procedure behind every dish — but only until you have a taste. With every spoonful, you will experience the spirit behind ancient traditions of creating a good hot pot, for we make it in the same time-proven way.
Hotpot Master, Delivering Hotpot Treasures.